DPIN™ Version 3.1

DPIN™ Version 3.1 is software for Decomposing Productivity Index Numbers into measures of technical change and various measures of efficiency change. The program can be used to analyse the productivity of any multiple-input multiple output firm operating in any market environment. Different editions of the software can be obtained by paying the annual license fees specified in Table 1 below. If a person or entity obtains the Standard Edition then the functionality of the software will be limited to the extent indicated in Table 1.

Table 1. DPIN™ Version 3.1 Features and Annual License Fees
Hicks-Moorsteen and Färe-Primont Indexes Yes Yes
Paasche, Laspeyres, Fisher and Lowe Indexes - Yes
TFP Efficiency Yes Yes
Technical Efficiency Yes Yes
Scale Efficiency Yes Yes
Mix Efficiency Yes Yes
Allocative Efficiency - Yes
Shadow Prices - Yes
Technical Change Options Yes Yes
Returns to Scale Options Yes Yes
Maximum Number of Observations 5000 5000
Annual License Fee - Academic FREE AUD 495 Ex-GST
Annual License Fee - Commercial FREE AUD 995 Ex-GST

The Standard Edition of DPIN™ Version 3.0 is designed for use on computers that run Microsoft Windows operating systems. To install the Standard Edition, download the file DPIN™3.0S.zip and extract the contents into any directory. No payment is required for the Standard Edition.

The Professional Edition of DPIN™ Version 3.1 is also designed for use on computers that run Microsoft Windows operating systems, but cannot be used on computers that run non-English versions of Microsoft Windows or have dual languages displayed. To install and obtain a license for the Professional Edition:

  1. Download the zip file DPIN™3.1P.zip and extract the contents into any directory on the computer where the software will be installed.
  2. Run the file GetSystemID.exe from the directory used in Step 1 to obtain a 12-character machine-specific system ID.
  3. Complete the License Payment Form and then fax, post or scan and email the completed form to the address given on the form.
  4. Once payment has been processed you will receive a file called license.key by email. Save this file in the directory used in Step 1 and the program will be ready to run on that computer. The software will not run on any other computer.

First-time users are encouraged to first download and install the Standard Edition and conduct tests to confirm that the software is compatible with their hardware and operating system. Technical questions regarding the use of the software should be directed to c.odonnell@economics.uq.edu.au. Brief questions (involving less than 10 minutes of time) will be answered as quickly as possible. A consultancy service is available for those who have more lengthy enquiries. Consultancy fees will be provided on request.