Benefit-Cost Analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis 2nd Edition

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Benefit-Cost Analysis

This text offers the perfect introduction to social benefit-cost analysis. The first part deals with the basic theory and procedures. In Part Two some more advanced material, mainly dealing with the valuation of internationally
tradeable goods and projects that affect market prices, is presented. Part Three introduces a number of special topics including the treatment of risk and uncertainty, income distributional effects and the valuation of non-marketed goods. Throughout the text the emphasis is on applications, and a worked case study is progressively undertaken as an illustration of the analytical principles in operation.

The volume has several unique features: the close integration of spreadsheet analysis with analytical principles; the spreadsheet approach provides an invaluable cross-check on the accuracy of the appraisal; and the book is structured in a way that allows readers to choose the level of analysis which is relevant to their own purposes.

• Aims to equip readers with the skills to analyse whether the benefits delivered by major projects are justified by the costs involved.
• Practical application is emphasised with the principles of social cost-benefit analysis illustrated by spreadsheet applications at each stage throughout the book.
• The spreadsheet model is constructed in a truly original way which contributes to transparency, provides a check on the accuracy of the analysis, and facilitates sensitivity, risk and alternative scenario analysis.
• The book increases in difficulty as the reader works through.this allows undergrad and non-economist readers to use most of the book easily, with extension material for graduate and practitioner readers towards the end.
• Screen dumps are clearly laid out.
• Authors' website provides a host of useful support materials, please visit for more details.

Sample Chapters

Table of Contents &Preface -
Chapter 1 -
Chapter 1 -
(contains a simple spreadsheet
example which illustrates the multi-account framework developed and applied to real-world case studies in the remainder of the book)
Chapter 6 -

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1. Benefit-cost analysis - introduction and overview; 2. Investment appraisal: principles; 3. Investment appraisal: decision rules; 4. Private benefit-cost analysis - financial analysis; 5. Efficiency benefit - cost analysis; 6. Calculating the net benefits to the referent group; 7. Consumer and producer surplus in benefit-cost analysis; 8. Valuing traded and non-traded commodities in benefit-cost analysis; 9. Incorporating risk in benefit-cost analysis; 10. The social discount rate, cost of public funds, and the value of Information; 11. Weighting net benefits to account for income distribution; 12. Valuation of non-marketed goods; 13. Economic impact analysis; 14. Writing the benefit-cost analysis report.

Publication: May 2003 • 247 x 174 mm • 352 pages • 38 line diagrams • 52 tables • 68 figures
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Benefit-Cost Analysis