Please find below the PhD candidates' conference papers



Van Pham

Multi-Product Firms, Quality Differentiation and Comparative Advantage

Zhansulu Baikenova

Who marry whom - multidimensional matching

Andrea La Nauze

Do households respond to opportunity cost? Evidence from solar homes

Kalaichelvi Ravinthirakumaran

Causal Nexus between Tourism and Economic Growth: The Case of Sri Lanka

Xing Shi

Influence of firm innovativeness on the financial performance: an econometric study of Indian enterprises

Li Chen

Trending Time Series Models with Endogeneity Regressors and Common Factors

Timothy Neal

Estimating Heterogeneous Coefficients in Panel Time Series Models with Regressors and Common Factors

Addison Pan

Collective Deliberation Under Ambiguity: Theory and Experimentation

Romain Gauriot

Does success breed success? A quasi-experiment on strategic momentum in dynamic contests

Maneka Jayasinghe

The power of the vegetable patch: Is home-grown food a source of scale economies? Some evidence from Sri Lanka

Dou Jiang

Business Cycle Accounting of the U.S. Economy: the Pre-WWI Period

Wee Chian Koh

Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Adjustments in Oil-Exporting Countries

Luis Uzeda Garcia

State Correlation and Forecasting: A Bayesian Approach Using Unobserved Components Models

Kelly Trinh

Bayesian estimation and specification tests for time-varying stochastic frontier models

Ranjodh Singh

Modelling The Distribution Of Body Mass Index Using A Maximum Entropy Density

Hien Thu Pham

Revisiting the "Missing Middle": a productivity analysis

Sahin Avcioglu

Joint Design of Unemployment Insurance, Employment Creation and Protection: A Dynamic Model

Terrence Yeo


Preferential Trade Agreements and Welfare: General Equilibrium Analysis

Darcy Allen

Governing innovation: asset specificity, opportunism and the fundamental transformation

Jorge Pereira

Emissions Abatement R&D Dynamic Competition in Supply Schedules

Liangxu Zhu

Price Adjustment and Market Transition in the Carbon Price Era: A Study on Australia’s Electricity Spot and Derivative Market

Chau Nguyen

Whose voice matters? An examination of gender bias in intra-household


Joseph Vecci

Social Identity and Governance: The Behavioral Response to Female Leaders

Srinivas Kolluru

Influence of firm innovativeness on the financial performance: an econometric study of Indian enterprises