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Satellite Tracking of crocodiles 2009-10
Crocodile Satellite Tracking 2010-11
Mary River turtle tracking project


Estuarine crocodile with archival tag (photo C. Franklin)  woma (photo M. Bruton)Rheodytes (photo C. Franklin)
Over the past decade the developing field of biotelemetry is allowing us to gather remotely, valuable information on the activities and ecophysiology of animals in their natural environments.  Our lab is utilising an array of cutting-edge, remote sensing and telemetric devices to monitor the movement patterns, body temperatures and heart rates of animals in the field.   This includes the use of radio, acoustic and satellite telemetry and the deployment of archival tags.   Essentially we are now taking our lab to the animal, rather than the animal to the lab.

Research projects include:
• Acoustic tracking of estuarine crocodile
• Acoustic tracking of bull sharks