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 Cassowary Sighting

A phone in the hand tracks birds in the bush
The technology is at last here to to launch Project Cassowary.
We have teamed up with to develop iPhone and Android Apps (Applications) which enable you to record and log the exact position of your cassowary sighting into our database. Cassowaries inhabit areas where you may not always be in network range. But no worries. The Apps enables  you to record your position, take images and other information without the requirement of network coverage.
IF you do not have an iPhone you can still use our Google map interface to pin point the location of your sighting. It's that easy.  
Report Cassowary sighting information here

We are interested in your thoughts on using smart phone technology to study wildlife, and any problems or other feedback you have about this site.

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phone +61 7 3365 2516.