2008 Diversity Week Theme 'The Spirit of Diversity'

The theme has been selected this year to draw attention to that aspect of our human qualities that transcends differences in class, gender, ethnicity, language, culture and ability. We hope that this year will provide opportunity for all of us to explore the spiritual dimension of human existence, which might create sustainable connection between people and the environment in which we live.

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2008 Winners - Vice-Chancellor's Equity and Diversity Awards

Links to media release on UQ News online regarding the winners of the Vice-Chancellor's Equity and Diversity Awards.

Events and Activities - 2008

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2008 Winners - Diversity Week Design Competition

Lachlan McIntyre - Winner Interconnections was created to show how people, despite their differences share many things in common. This sharing builds a web that holds a functioning society together. Faces were used because they are the pri...