Diverstiy Week 20-24 May, 2013


Diversity Week is an opportunity to celebrate the increasing diversity of the UQ community and to raise awareness of current issues impacting the world’s diverse people, groups and communities.

During Diversity Week, UQ showcases the contribution made by its students, staff and alumni within Australia and across the globe and encourages the University community to engage in debate and dialogue about the issues raised by the increasing diversity of our communities.

UQ was the first university in Australia to initiate a ‘Diversity Week’ and celebrated its 10th anniversary of the week in 2012.


The theme of The theme of the 2013 Diversity Week, was The Art of Diversity, it referred to ART in its many forms: paint, sculpture, theatre, music, dance, architecture etc. and its agentive capacity to reach across human divides to build common understandings and potentially develop shared understandings in situations of conflict.

The theme challenged us to consider how engagement with diversity, enhances our teaching, learning, research and leadership skills to a level where they become a form ‘ of ‘art’.

Thank you to those who made this UQ Diversity Week such a success.


Vice-Chancellorís Equity and Diversity Award $10,000 Professor Linda Richards

Vice-Chancellorís Equity and Diversity Award $5000 SCRIPT team

Vice-Chancellorís Diversity Awards for Alumni Dr Richard Lewandowski

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