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Our lab’s research focuses on the evolution of Gondwanan continental vertebrates, in particular dinosaurs and crocodilians. We are also interested in vertebrate biomechanics and using extant animals to better understand the anatomy, behaviour and evolution of extinct ones.


  • Australasian Cretaceous dinosaur faunas
  • evolution of Australasian ornithopods, thyreophorans, sauropods and theropods
  • Gondwanan dinosaur palaeobiogeography
  • dinosaur trackways


  • evolution of Australasian crocodilians
  • origin of modern crocodilians
  • crocodilian lung ventilation
  • crocodilian growth dynamics


  • locomotor evolution of dinosaurs and crocodilians
  • vertebral bracing in archosaurs
  • feeding behaviour in crocodilians

Other research

  • evolution of Australian Cretaceous fishes
  • evolution of Australian pterosaurs
  • geology and taphonomy of Australian Cretaceous dinosaur localities
  • palaeopathology in fossil archosaurs


  • we conduct regular expeditions to Cretaceous vertebrate localities in central-western Queensland

For a list of available postgraduate projects (Honours and PhD) in our lab, click here

Susisuchus reconstruction
A schematic reconstruction of Susisuchis anatoceps, a new crocodilian from the Early Cretaceous of north-eastern Brazil. From Salisbury et al. (2003)