The Development Practice Program is very fortunate to have a rich and vibrant student community with students from many different countries and cultures. Our students share some of their experiences about studing Development Practice at UQ and their hopes for where their studies will take them. 

Rogelio Quintero Diaz de Leon, Mexico.

My name is Rogelio Quintero Diaz de Leon from Mexico City, Mexico. I am currently studying my last semester of the Master in Development Practice with a specialization in International Political Development. My undergrad is in International Relations and before I came to Australia, I was working at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in projects Against Trafficking in Persons for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

I have really enjoyed doing my Master since I have learnt more than expected not only from the diverse range of courses I have taken, but from the multicultural diversity of students that enrich them too. Also, I am very grateful that the MDP gave me the opportunity to undertake an Internship program with UniQuest in order to understand the real life practice of Development in Australia.




Thoa Nguyen, Vietnam.

My Bachelor degree was in Applied Linguistic, I was supposed to become a teacher or an interpreter. After doing volunteer work for an NGO and a three-month internship at UNDP Vietnam I decided to pursue a career in Development. The Master of Development Practice (MDP) at the University of Queensland (UQ) is highly recommended by Development practitioners. I am very happy here at UQ undertaking the MDP as a holder of the Endeavour Postgraduate Award 2010.

My strongest impressions while doing the Master of Development Practice has been the enthusiasm towards learning by my fellow students and lecturers. Hot debates, fruitful discussions, diverse viewpoints, first-hand experiences of students from many different countries and great lecturers with years working in the field, are all experiences I have enjoyed at UQ.




Robert Arcidiacono, Australia.

I've travelled extensively through South America, South East and South Asia and the Pacific and have always been impressed by local people's positive attitude and courage - in spite of the everyday challenges that they face. Having not formally studied in the field of Development Practice, it is comforting to see much that we study is reflected in real-life situations I have seen on my travels. I hope to eventually work in project design and management roles - with a keen interest in working in Western Asia and Africa. The course has also awoken part of me to the political realm of development.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who is contemplating a career in the development field. I am  impressed everyday with the depth and scope of knowledge and experience, not only amongst the lecturers, but also my fellow students.   

Dylan Quinnell, South Africa.

Growing up in South Africa, where slums surround most cities and poverty is part of everyday life made me realise how lucky I am. Having done a Bachelors degree in Journalism and lived in Indonesia and China, including visiting Aceh with World Vision to monitor post tsunami rebuilding efforts, I saw how much good community development can do in areas of destitution or natural disasters. It was at this stage I became interested in working in the field of development.

The Masters of Development Practice allowed me to study exactly what I was interested in and gain the skills and qualifications needed to get work in the development sector. Some of the highlights have been studying in classes of 50 students where only five of the students are Australian (the rest coming from over 15 other countries); working with lecturers who are passionate about their fields and have 'been there, done that'. I would encourage future students to make the most of the flexibility available in this Masters; choose any courses that interests you since you don't have to study any one of the four majors.

Ha Tran, Vietnam.

I was debating whether to do my Masters degree in Australia or in the US or Europe, but I am glad I finally chose Australia and did the Master of Development Practice (MDP) at the University of Queensland. Because of Australia's proximity to Asia, the program materials are relevant to the region and certainly applicable to Vietnam.


I can't wait to go back to Vietnam and share what I have learnt with my colleagues! And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make a real difference. 



Laila Chemane, Mozambique.

I have been working in community development for the past 8 years as a volunteer and community development practitioner. Presently I am studing the Master of Development Practice at UQ, it has been an interesting and challenging experience. The program is very diverse and multidisciplinary which gives me an idea about development in an international context with an emphasis on developing countries.  

The program is very challenging in terms of relating my previous knowledge of development acquired in a practical context to the theoretical concepts that can fortify my skills and help me make a contribution to development in my country.
The fact that the classes are very multicultural it is also an added value, since we can share experiences from around the world and learn with practical examples from people from different parts of the globe.



Ratna Fitriani, Indonesia.

I chose to study in Australia and at UQ because it is know as a great place to study for international students. The best thing about the Master of Development Practice is that it not only combines theory and practice but is taught by the best lecturers in the field.





Phommany Lattiphong, Laos

I received an AusAid scholarship back to my home country, Laos, after finishing my bachelor’s degree.

I chose UQ because the MDP program is really interesting and suits my working experience. Another reason is that UQ is a leader in high-quality academic teaching in Australia. The program is very flexible in terms of teaching and providing comprehensive teachings to its students. All lecturers treat students as if they are the centre of teaching and learning.

Many courses under the MDP program focus on practice. I found that lecturers are very approachable and have been able to enhance my understandings. One of my golden goals is to graduate overseas, particularly in Australia. I am sure that an overseas degree will help me in my future career. My future career goal is to be a project manager in local trade back in my home country. I want to use my knowledge and skill gained at UQ. What I bring back will benefit local people, in terms of increasing their future income, promoting local products and creating greater connections with investors for future exports.

I love the community development course. It enhanced my ability to work with people in rural areas more effectively. I found that Student Services are really useful and especially the Student Mentors. I was assisted by one of the students. She was amazing in terms of giving useful consultation regarding the writing process. Moreover, she was also cheerful and listened to my problems as international students.

I would suggest students thoroughly research the course that they are going to take in order to make sure that it suits them. Gain as much as information about the course before making a decision. I would encourage all students to take the MDP program. I am sure that this course will provide them not only knowledge and skill for their future career but also good relationships with other local and international students in the program.

I personally have more confidence in communicating with other local and international students and have more academic insight. Academic experience is very valuable for me and I appreciate it so much. I found a lot of difficulties while studying at UQ, particularly language and content. Two semesters have taught me how to overcome problems and how to seek assistance from others. The study experience has opened my mind and soul to except new things and be ready for problem-solving.


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