Benefit Administered by Further Information Application Form
Superannuation The University of Queensland

If information is required please contact the Salary Packaging Office on

Salary Packaging Authority Form

Salary Packaging Authority Form Instruction Guide

University Car Parking The University of Queensland

University car parking can be salary packaged without the imposition of Fringe Benefits Tax. 

For all information relating to parking at UQ please contact UQ Traffic & Parking on (07) 336 52222


Web : Parking at UQ

Visit the Parking at UQ website for information relating to parking

Car Parking - PA, Mater and Wesley Hospital and TRI  The University of Queensland Employees of the University of Queensland are able to salary package parking costs incurred for parking at the PA, Mater and Wesley Hospitals; as well as Translational Research Institute.  For further information, please refer to the Salary Packaging of Parking @ the PA, Mater and Wesley Hospitals; T.R.I Guide to Employees  PA, Mater and Wesley Hospitals Parking Request form

Motor Vehicle Novated Lease

Novated leasing panel, please see list of suppliers

The Government’s standing offer arrangement (SOA) has a panel of eight suppliers you must choose from when establishing a new novated lease or refinancing an existing lease.  

Financial advice, car procurement services, vehicle insurances and other products associated with a novated lease are outside the scope of the SOA. So it is up to you as to whether you obtain those items through the novated leasing supplier or not.

You will also need to use a salary packaging administrator, RemServ and Smartsalary to manage the administration of your salary packaging arrangement – that is, coordinating the payroll deductions and payments to the novated lease supplier.


1300 092 565
1800 652 652
1800 940 760  

SmartLeasing, a division of Smartsalary Pty Ltd   1 DRIVE (13 74 83) 

1300 761 114
1300 225 582

Airport Lounge membership

Computer software (purchased with the portable electronic device and primarily for use in the employee’s employment)
Disability or income protection insurance
Financial advisor fees (advice on investments, excludes initial visit)
Portable electronic devices (primarily for use in the employee’s employment)
Professional Association membership fees or subscriptions (work related)
Professional development expenses (related to current employment activities)
Professional development travel expenses (not including travel to and from work)
Uniforms (ATO conditions apply)

Bus Travel Benefit (travel to and from work only)
Information regarding the salary packaging options for the benefits listed is available from the Salary pacakaging providers. 
You are able to contact these service providers directly.
The pricing schedules for these providers are:
As The University of Queensland is utlitising the Queensland Government salary packaging arrangement, all information forms will reference the Queensland Government.
You are only able to salary package with one provider per FBT year.
It is recommended that you obtain quotes from both salary packaging providers.
Prior to purchasing any products, please consult with the Salary Packaging Providers to ensure that you have set up an account for salary packaging and that your purchase meets the criteria.


If you decide to enter into a salary packaging arrangement with one of the salary packaging providers, one of the online forms you’ll be asked to agree to is the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement.
The salary packaging providers aren’t able to amend this PDF for UQ’s individual requirements.
For that reason if you click ‘Agree’ to this you acknowledge and agree that: the Employer is The University of Queensland; the applicant is yourself, the Employee; you have read, understood and accept the offer of salary packaging on the terms and conditions contained within the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement, and; the duly authorised person signing on behalf of the Employer is the University’s Chief Operating Officer.