Who can have this access?
This type of access is recommended for staff in supervisory positions that are required to review and forward leave applications on for approval. This access also allows Supervisors to view HR information for their staff.
 The access must be approved by your Head of School / Director of Division or your Faculty HR Officer.
What will this type of access give me?

MyAurion Leave Reviewer will give you view access to employees within your Organisation unit.
This access includes;
·         Emergency Contacts
·         Qualifications
·         Employee Availability Chart
·         Placement History
·         HR profile
·         Leave Balances
·         Leave History
·         Training History

In addition, you will also be given access to the following;
·         Nominate staff for Training Courses
·         View the Staff Availability Chart
·         Review Leave applications and forward on for approval
·         Review Timekeeper forms and forward on for approval


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