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Dear new staff member,

Welcome to The University of Queensland.

To begin your employment there are a number of documents and requirements you need to complete. The new staff initial online induction below sets out some of the steps which need to be taken. The checklist should be completed and submitted within two days of commencing employment to ensure the timely processing of your appointment on the Aurion Human Resource System and payment of your salary.

In addition to the information on this page, you will receive information specific to the organisational unit you will be working in. This local information should be completed by the Induction Officer in your organisational unit.

For more information on UQ and other useful resources, please see visit the New staff website.

We hope your employment with the University is both satisfying and productive.

Director, Human Resources Division


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UQ collects gender for a variety of purposes, including internal and mandatory external reporting to comply with legislative and other reporting requirements of the University.
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Method of salary payment form: Click to download
Australian Taxation Office employment declaration form completed and sent to Salaries Section.
Certified copy of qualifications (if applicable), Australian birth certificate and a form of photo identification or Australian passport or evidence of Australian citizenship and a form of photo identification, and visa (if applicable) provided to Human Resource Officer.
UniSuper application forms to be sent to Superannuation Office or Human Resource Officer within two weeks.
Country of birth:
Language spoken at normal place of residence:
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Equity data (required for reporting to DEEWR)
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There are several online courses you are required to complete during your first few weeks:

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I undertake to complete the UQ General Workplace Safety Induction today consisting of the General Workplace Safety Induction and the Annual Fire Safety Training

I undertake to complete EO Online - Module 1 (equity and diversity training)  within 6 months of starting employment

I undertake to complete the Code of Conduct online training within 3 months of starting employment

I undertake to complete the Fraud and Corruption Awareness online training within 3 months of starting employment

I undertake to complete the Privacy at UQ online training

I understand that at the probation interview, I will be required to advise my supervisor that I have completed the above modules.

 There are also mandatory courses specific to Professional and Academic positions. ESOS training is mandatory for all student facing Academic and Professional staff. For more information on these courses, please visit the Staff Development website.

 You are also invited to attend the following staff induction activities:

  1. New Staff Expo. The aim of this session is to welcome to the University all new staff (academic and professional) and provide an overview of its mission and strategic objectives, history, structure and scope of operations. It is also an opportunity to meet other new staff and to find out about the University systems and services relevant to you as an employee. Please click here to register.
  2. Orientation for Academics New to UQ. In addition, this session provides new academic staff with essential information about expectations and funding opportunities in relation to teaching and research, together with advice on how to get started immediately on developing a productive career trajectory. It is required that new Academic staff attend this session. Please click here to register.

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I have commenced duty with The University of Queensland and I now understand the induction processes.
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