University of Queensland
Academic Loadings
Effective date:    1 January 2009
(4% increase)

Loading  Actual Fortnight  Rate per Annum 
Professorial Merit Loading $702.43 $18,326
Clinical Loading $894.65 $23,341
Para-clinical Loading $597.15 $15,579
Pre-clinical Loading $447.98 $11,688
Dental Loading $447.98 $11,688


University of Queensland
Responsibility Loadings
Effective date:  1 July 2001

The Responsibility Loadings model has four levels with the ability of the authorising officer to determine remuneration points within each level.

The remuneration quoted for each level is the minimum payment only.

The minimum loading rate will be reviewed annually and changes, when necessary, approved by the Vice-Chancellor by June 1 each year.




Authorising Authority

Minimum Loading


Level A President, Academic Board Vice Chancellor $12,000
  Deputy President, Academic Board Vice Chancellor $5,000
  Dean of Students Vice Chancellor 9000 or Professorial equivalent
  Dean of Postgraduate Studies Vice Chancellor $12,000
  Director, UQ Graduate School Vice Chancellor 25% Professorial

Level B Heads of School Vice Chancellor $5,000
  - Type A   $5,000
  - Type B   $6,500
  - Type C   $7,500
  - Type D   $10,000
  - Type E   $12,000

Level C Directors of Studies/
Directors of Research
Vice Chancellor
$ 4,500

Level D Academic Advisors Executive Dean $ 3,000

Guidelines for Types within Level B

The Head of School types within Level B continues the application of the current practice for determination of responsibility loadings.  This is based on the relationship and intersects between Staff (FTE) and Student Load (EFSTU), and introduces a component for budget size.

 The new application is as follows -

Type A – Budgets up to $3.5 million

Type B – Budgets from $3.6 million - $6.5 million

Type C – Budgets from $6.6 million - $10.9 million

Type D – Budgets from $11 million - $15.9 million

Type E – Budgets above $16 million


Authorised by
Director, Human Resources Division
June 2005