Starting a new job can be daunting for people.  If the transition into a new position can be made easier, it will relieve feelings of anxiety and insecurity and perhaps avoid an “induction crisis” in the first few weeks of employment.

One method of supporting the Induction period is to adopt a “Buddy Programme”, where the new employee is paired with an experienced employee as a “Buddy” to support the more informal but equally important aspects of the induction process.

Buddying may not just be for new staff.  It can be helpful for staff who have transferred from other parts of the University or staff who have been on leave from work for an extensive period of time, e.g., for maternity or ill health.  

So who does what?

  1. What is Buddying?
  2. What does a Buddy do?
  3. Who should be appointed as a Buddy?
  4. How is a Buddy appointed?
  5. How to work with a Buddy?

 Click here to download a pdf version of the programme

The University of Queensland would like to thank NHS for allowing use of this guide, which has been adapted from: www.mentoring.scot.nhs.uk/docpdfs/CSABuddyGuidelines.doc

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