Academic staff members are entitled (subject to procedures, and the Australian Universities Academic and Related Staff (Salaries) Award as varied from time to time) to progress annually within the salary range of the level of their appointments until the top salary point is reached. Incremental progression within levels A, B, C, and D shall be on the basis of satisfactory performance in criteria defined in the policy.

Each academic staff member submits an Academic Portfolio to his or her supervisor, who subsequently conducts a formal review with the staff member and provides a recommendation regarding approval for an increment. Increments for academic staff are effective annually. 

·        Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff (PPL 5.70.15b)
·         Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff  (PPL 5.70.15a)
·        Criteria for Academic Performance (PPL 5.70.17a)
·         Academic Categories  (PPL 5.41.12a)

·         Form A - Academic Portfolio of Achievement
(The first page of this document is locked.  The fields on Page 1 are to be entered manually.  The remainder of the portfolio is editable and can be copied and pasted from your previous portfolio)
·         Form B - Achievements and Objectives
·         Form C - Appraisal Summary Report and Record of Assessment

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2017 Academic submission timetable

Academic submission timetable