All academic staff employed by the University of Queensland for more than one year are expected to undergo a formal review of their performance annually.  This includes the preparation of a Form B Achievements and Objectives.  This document serves as the basis for discussing performance, setting objectives for the next year and planning personal and professional development.  In addition to Form B, an Academic Portfolio of Achievement must be provided by those staff who are in their probationary period, expecting incremental progression or submitting an application for mid-term or final review for continuing appointment, promotion or Special Studies Program (SSP).

Annual reviews are to be completed no later than 30 June, although some processes require annual reviews to be completed earlier (see Application Submission Timetable).

Enquiries about annual review, increments, continuing appointment, promotion and SSP should be directed to the relevant Faculty/Institute HR Consultant in the first instance.

Procedures and Guidelines

  ·         Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff  (PPL 5.70.15b) 

 ·         Academic Category Procedures  (PPL 5.41.12b) 


·         Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff  (PPL 5.70.15a)
·         Criteria for Academic Performance (PPL 5.70.17a)
·         Academic Categories  (PPL 5.41.12a)

·         Form A - Academic Portfolio of Achievement
(The first page of this document is locked.  The fields on Page 1 are to be entered manually.  The remainder of the portfolio is editable and can be copied and pasted from your previous portfolio)
·         Form B - Achievements and Objectives
·         Form C - Appraisal Summary Report and Record of Assessment

Application submission timetable


Annual review section

2017 Academic submission timetable

Academic submission timetable