UQ's success depends on the performance of our staff, and the Recognition and Development process supports professional and TESOL language teaching staff and their supervisors to continually enhance performance.

Recognition and development occurs every day of the year, through on-going meetings and conversations between supervisors and staff, together with an annual performance appraisal.

The process includes:

  • clarifying and negotiating the goals and expectations of the position
  • providing feedback about the staff member's work and recognising achievements
  • identifying staff development needs and activities
  • preventing and resolving work problems
  • making plans to achieve career aspirations.

As a staff member, R&D gives you opportunities to increase your performance, your satisfaction with your work, and your career options.

Essential Resources

Booklets - everything you must know

  • Recognition and Development: Booklet for Supervisors and Heads of Organisational Units (PDF)
  • Recognition and Development: Booklet for Staff (PDF)


  • Recognition and Development Plan (Word)
  • Outstanding Performance for Level 10 Staff Form (Word) (PDF)

Staff Development


Training for supervisors

The Recognition and Development course is mandatory for all supervisors at HEW Levels 5 to 7; for managers at HEW Levels 8 to 10, the Staff Management course is mandatory.


For assistance with completing the Recognition and Development process, please contact your local HR representative in the first instance, or Organisational Development or Employee Relations for more specific queries.


We welcome feedback on the Recognition and Development process and resources. If you have comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact Organisational Development.

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