An annual Memorandum from the Provost provides an overview of academic annual review and its associated processes. Academic staff are required to complete a Form A - Academic Portfolio of Achievement covering teaching and student supervision, scholarship of teaching and learning, research and creative work and service and engagement according to the Application Submission Timetable.  

Coupled with the Form B - Achievements and Objectives, this forms the basis for annual reviews with the academic supervisor. The Head or academic supervisor discusses the staff member's achievements over the previous period and his or her targets/plans for the next year and provides recommendations on the processes listed in the “In this section” menu below (relevant guidelines, procedures, policies and forms may be accessed through this menu).

The Academic Orientation website provides a range of resources for academic staff, including videos, a handbook and useful links. 

Career Progress and Appraisal Forms

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Staff Member forms:

Appraiser forms:


Career progress and appraisal for academic staff section

Academic staff development

The University's Staff Development Policy derives from the high value placed by the institution upon its staff and the belief that they are central to the University's endeavours. Extending the knowledge and s...

Annual review

All academic staff employed by the University of Queensland for more than one year are expected to undergo a formal review of their performance annually.  This includes the preparation of a

Incremental progression

Academic staff members are entitled (subject to procedures, and the Australian Universities Academic and Related Staff (Salaries) Award as varied from time to time) to progress annually within the

Mid-term and Final Review for Continuing Appointment

The University of Queensland is committed to sustaining high standards of performance in its academic staff and provides a selection of categories in which academics can perform their duties, viz. Teaching and Resea...

Academic Promotion (up to Level D)

Academic promotion at the University is upon the basis of merit.  Staff members of any academic category i.e. Teaching and Research (T&R), Teaching Focused (TF),  Research Focused (RF) and Clinical A...

Promotion - professorial (Level E)

Promotion to professor is considered annually by the Professorial Confirmations and Promotions Committee. A case for promotion to Professor is summarised in Form G which will highlight achievements over the past 5 years.  Supporting documentati...

Special Studies Program (SSP)

  A Special Studies Program provides a period of sustained scholarly activity or professional experience contributing to research or teaching or both. For approval to be given for a Special Studies Progr...
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