Introducing MyAurion

MyAurion is a web-enabled module of Aurion, the University's Human Resource Management System. By accessing MyAurion you will be able to view and modify your own human resource-related data over the Internet.

To learn more about MyAurion please reference the MyAurion User Guides (requires staff login).

All full-time and part-time staff are automatically provided with an MyAurion account. New staff will receive a user account and password within one week of commencing their placement. Some casual or other staff who have been allocated an official University email account will also receive a MyAurion account.

Via MyAurion you are able to:

  • Apply for some types of leave, including Recreation and Sick Leave.
  • View your leave balances and takings and predict future leave balances.
  • View and modify name and address type information and emergency contact details.
  • View your fortnightly payslips.
  • Maintain payroll deductions.
  • View your qualifications.
  • Apply for UQ training courses and view your training history.
  • View your placement details. 

In addition to their own information, supervisors are able to access pertinent information about their staff.  Useful staff information that can be viewed:

  • Emergency Contact information
  • Qualifications and/or Licences
  • Current placement information
  • Leave balances and occurrences
  • Training History

Supervisors are determined by Aurion's Position Hierarchy, i.e. an employee currently on a placement where the position number has other positions reporting to it.

Any other inquiries should be directed to the ITS Help Desk or 336 56000. Help Desk staff will direct you to the most appropriate person to deal with your issue.

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