Academic promotion at the University is upon the basis of merit.  Staff members of any academic category i.e. Teaching and Research (T&R), Teaching Focused (TF),  Research Focused (RF) and Clinical Academic (CA) must be able to demonstrate that they have reached the skill base specified for the academic level to which they seek promotion (see PPL 5.70.17a Criteria for Academic Performance). Promotion is mainly dependent on demonstrated ability and achievement since the staff member's appointment or promotion to the level. Secondary evidence may be derived from work undertaken during earlier career stages that has underpinned the achievement of the relevant standard for promotion. The procedures below outline application submission requirements for staff members and their Heads.
Seminars are conducted annually (enrol through Staff Development). The Academic Orientation website includes various resources, including videos on annual appraisal, academic continuing appontment and promotion.
The Online Academic Portfolio is available through the Academic Portal to assist you in creating an electronic Form A - Academic Portfolio of Achievement.  The Portfolio enables you to import your records from central data systems, including appointment history, grants and publications, as well as transfer information stored in your Profile, such as awards and teaching activities.  The Portfolio is easy to access and update throughout the year an produces an exportable Microsoft Word.docx file.
Guidelines and Procedures 
Successful Promotion Applicants