As a staff member, the starting point for your capability development is the ongoing process of self-reflection and seeking feedback, including regular conversations about your work with your supervisor.

This ongoing process is supported by the annual performance appraisal:

Planning your development

This resource helps you answer the right questions to find out which development activities will give you the highest return on your investment of time and effort. "Planning your Development" [pdf]

Staff Development Program

An extensive offering of fully-funded courses for UQ Staff, in the areas of:

  • People
  • Finance, IT & Administration
  • Research
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment
  • OHS & Sustainability

Other UQ development options

For all staff

For academic staff


For senior staff

More information

If you have questions about the development activities available to you or you'd like some help putting together a plan, contact the Organisational Development team.

See the Policies and Procedures Library for relevant policies including the Staff Development and Study Assistance Scheme for Professional Staff policies.

Staff development options section

360-degree feedback

A tool for identifying strengths and development needs, by combining our own perceptions with those of the people who work with us

Career Advancement for Senior Academic Women Program

For academic women at Level D who are actively pursuing progression to Level E within UQ

Career Progression for Women Program

For academic women at Level C who are actively pursuing career development within UQ

Early-Career Academic Development Program

A proactive approach to develop the next generation of UQ academics.


Support to find a mentor or set up a mentoring program

University of Queensland Professionals Network

Information about the UQ Professionals Network

UQ Emerging Leaders Program

Information about UQ's Emerging Leaders Program, which supports staff to complete a Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership through the UQ Business School.
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