You can use 360-degree feedback to become more effective, productive and satisfied in your work.

Proactively inviting feedback from people you work with helps you understand the range of perceptions others have of you and how your behaviours affect them. It allows you to check your own perspective on your strengths and development needs against their perspectives. 
This feedback gives you rich information which you can use to:
  • celebrate your strengths
  • plan further development
  • design your job and career to make use of your strengths, and
  • achieve higher performance more easily.

How it works

  1. You and a member of the Organisational Development team will discuss what you're looking for to help you choose the most appropriate 360-degree feedback tool and set it up. Different tools attract different costs.
  2. You decide who you'd like to invite to provide you with feedback - your supervisor, colleagues, people who report to you, internal or external customers.
  3. You and your respondents complete online surveys confidentially.
  4. A report is produced and an internal or external consultant will help you to interpret the results and decide how you will act on them. You own your report and don't have to share it with anyone else if you don't want to, but may choose to discuss it with those who provided feedback.
  5. You can arrange ongoing coaching meetings with the facilitator who debriefs your report to help you continue to implement your development plan.

UQ Leadership Survey

The UQ Leadership Survey is a custom-designed 360-degree feedback tool which supports the UQ Leadership Framework. The tools examines leadership behaviour related to the Framework, and is not specific to role or level. For more information, visit the survey webpage, or email

Contact: the Organisational Development team, Human Resources.