(un)Panicked Communities

Project Coordinator: Dr Greg Noble


What can a focus on the relatively 'uncontroversial' aspects of everyday Australia offer cultural research? and vice versa. How are the complexities of cultural diversity, gender, class, sexuality, and so on negotiated in the mundane lives of citizens?

Ultimately it is hoped that the project will lead to a large ARC proposal being developed, a postgraduate workshop on studying local communities and two 1-day seminars - ‘Publics or Communities’ and ‘Communities of Affect’ in 2007.


Project Activities

Planning Workshop
Initial planning for this project will take place at the Communities, Publics and Practices roundtable

Seminar with Professor John Eade and Dr Ben O'Loughlin
Reaping the whirlwind: Identity Politics, Minorities and the State
Convincing claims? Democracy, representation, and security threats in contemporary Britain
University Western Sydney, 21 March 2007