Australian Television and Popular Memory: New Approaches to the Cultural History of Media in the Project of Nation-building

Project Coordinator: Dr Bridget Griffen-Foley
Project Convenors: Distinguished Prof John Hartley, Dr Josh Green, Dr Chris Healy, Dr Sue Turnbull, Assoc Prof Alan McKee, Prof Graeme Turner


Despite its importance to our everyday lives since the 1950s, there is no history of television's role in Australian popular culture. This project will develop a series of collaborative histories that focus upon the popular experience of television and in particular its role in forming national culture. The research will not only involve conventional academic sources, but also those connected with 'the people': memories, memorabilia, personal collections as well as the full range of popular and ephemeral publications which support the popular engagement with the medium. The project is the first to examine television's historical role in our national life.

Project Activities