Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity: Making and Making Do

Cultural Technologies Node and Cultural Geographies sub-Node
Project Coordinator: Prof David Marshall

The project is designed to develop research networks in the study of the interrelation among self, connectivity, community and place. To develop a coherent research direction the project will build towards a collaborative and information gathering 2.5 day workshop that brings together academics and policy practitioners to investigate the way in which various communities work through their uses of the Internet. In order to develop a constructive and comparative understanding of the development of ‘broadband’ culture in regional Australia and to intersect with proposed rollout of broadband more expansively in Australia, key international researchers will be invited to share their work with how both self and connectivity are constituted in different environs and cultures. The information and collaborations fostered during the workshop will form the basis for developing of a series of grants, consultancies, and interventions.


Project Activities

Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity Workshop
Uni of Wollongong, 12 - 13 February 2009