ANZCA Mentoring Forum

Project Coordinator: Assoc Prof Terry Flew

The project will bring together post-graduate students from across Australia working in the diverse field of communications research. It will take the form of a half-day forum providing mentoring and peer advice on issues such as publishing and positioning media and communications research for post-graduate students. The forum will give students the opportunity to present their research to a panel of their peers for advice and workshopping.

Bursaries will be made available that will also enable postgraduates to attend the ANZCA annual conference.


The CRN and ANZCA Mentoring Workshop, held at QUT on July 7th, 2009 brought together esteemed communications academics and practitioners with 17 postgraduates from 6 Australian states and the Northern Territory keen to present their research and network with their peers. Both the mentors and the postgraduates who attended the event remarked that the mentoring event allowed an innovative and creative exchange of ideas. This was achieved through individual presentations to a themed ‘mentoring’ group made up of one or more expert mentors and up to five students working in the same field. The day concluded with a panel discussion from the mentors about broader research methodologies and challenges. The postgraduate participants also appreciated the post-workshop opportunities to network and develop possible research relationships.