Queer Asian Sites

Project Coordinator: Dr Mark McLelland

Network participants Mark McLelland, Fran Martin and Audrey Yue are founding members of Australia-based network AsiaPacifiQueer which organised the first International conference of Asian Queer Studies in Bangkok 2005 (attended by over 500 people). The purpose of the conference was to support the now burgeoning number of young scholars now researching Asia’s queer cultures and histories and to provide networking and support to ECRs and postgraduates who often face indifference or hostility towards this field of research in their home institutions.

The organisers intend to continue this momentum by inviting key figures from the region to present their work in Australia, help network with Australian scholars and institutions and increase the visibility of this emerging field to both an academic and general audience. Advantages to the network include broadening its horizons to incorporate new regional networks and also emphasizing the key role that Australian scholars and institutions are playing in encouraging queer studies in the region.


Project Activities

Queer Asian Sites Conference
University of Technology, Sydney, 22 - 23 February, 2007