Media Histories Symposium, Perth

Project Coordinator: Dr Gerard Goggin and Dr Bridget Griffen-Foley
Project Convenors: Dr Mark McLelland, Dr Gerard Goggin and Dr Bridget Griffen-Foley

A two-day symposium in Perth in mid-2008, examining Western Australian media histories (Friday 13 June) and Internet histories in the Asia-Pacific (Saturday 14 June).

Internet Histories 2 - Australia and Asia Pacific



The Western Australian Media Histories Workshop succeeded in bringing together academic, retired and freelance scholars working on aspects of WA media history, and reflecting on how the field has developed since a special media history issue of Studies in Western Australian History edited by Brian Shoesmith in 1994. Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton remarked that if it hadn’t been for the CRN, local scholars would not have taken the initiative to organise such an event. However, the range of papers—while diverse—revealed significant historiographical gaps, and the lack of younger scholars and postgraduate students was notable. It is hoped that the event will help to foster the development of the field in Western Australia.