Young People and Sexual Health

Project Coordinator: Prof Elspeth Probyn


This project seeks to address a specific problem in regards to young people and sexual health. Relating to identities and literacy, and it will formulate an original mode of addressing this demographic (Generation Y) through mobile phones and other new technologies.

The STI rates for people aged 16-24 are currently reaching epidemic proportions in Australia and elsewhere. For instance, Chlamydia has been placed the WHO list of morbidities. The greatest problem is that this demographic does not identify itself in terms of sexuality (or very little else). The project seeks to bring together researchers across the nodes to formulate a way of communicating to this audience, and attracting them to consider safer sex practices. We will consider how to most effectively use new technologies (mobile phones etc) to communicate the message. In a second stage we will also consider how to articulate a comparative project focusing on Asia/Australia.


Project Activities

Research Workshop
University of Sydney, August