Creative Articulations

Project Covenors: Dr Chris Gibson and Dr Christy Collis

The key question that this project seeks to address is: what are the methodological challenges that we face when we work to combine cultural and media studies and economic and cultural geographies? This question will be focussed through a consideration of the increasingly important project of mapping the development of ‘creative places’ and creative segments of the economy. As this interdisciplinary research field grows in size and momentum, its methodologies are increasingly topics of debate and discussion. What are the emerging norms of creative place analysis, and what are their limitations? How can quantitative and qualitative analyses be combined meaningfully to produce accounts of specific creative places or creative segments? Richard Florida’s work has raised the level of interest and activity in creative places mapping and indexing projects; what questions and issues have been generated in response to his methods and strategies?

Possibilities for the questions are as follows:


Project Activities

Creative Articulations Roundtable
Theoretical and practical possibilities for the development of interdisciplinary methods for accounting for creative places

Articulating Creativities Symposium and Showcase
Consumer-driven creative articulations