Most projects in the CRN are carried out at the node level, although some larger projects and events are organised centrally. The projects listed on this page are being conducted by Network participants, and provide an overview of the research directions taken by the Network. Most projects involve a number of different activities, which can be found by following the links below, or on the Activities page. Go to the participants' own pages to see the range of research projects with which they are currently engaged.


Past Projects

Australian Media History Database
A database of researchers investigating Australian media history
Media Histories Node

Australian Media History Listserv
A guide to resources for Australian media history
Media Histories Node

Australian Radio Audio Researchers Association
A network of researchers in radio studies
Media Histories Node

Australian Television and Popular Memory
This project will develop a series of collaborative histories that focus upon the popular experience of television and in particular its role in forming national culture.
Media Histories Node

Chinese Media and Cultural Studies
Chinese Media Studies and Chinese Cultural Research are fast becoming accepted as essential foci of pedagogy and research practice. What then is our role in the wider debates on theory, praxis and cultural analysis?
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Communities versus Publics
Debate around the notion of ‘community’ in the analysis of social life and connection
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Cultural Memory and Narrative Group
Intersections between Cultural History and Cultural Memory
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

The Ethics of Consuming
Ethical concerns around consumption and lifestyle practices, reflecting a growing anxiety about the risks and excesses of contemporary lifestyles in the global north
Cultural Identities and Communities and Cultural Histories and Geographies Nodes

GLAMM (Games, Location, Art & Mobile Media)
An interdisciplinary group of researchers, educators and practitioners exploring intersections between mobile gaming, hybrid reality, big games and mobile media
Cultural Technologies Node

Internet Regulation and Filtering in Australia
A two-day workshop bringing together academics and other stakeholders whose work might be impacted by the new Government-sponsored Internet filtering system
Cultural Technologies Node

Internet Studies
Investigations into the lacunae in Internet Studies
Cultural Technologies Node

Japanese International Fandom
An investigation into Japanese popular cultural styles and artefacts
Cultural Literacies Node

Listening Project
Research into the practices, politics and ethics of listening
Cultural Literacies Node (with Cultural Technologies Node)

Listening to the Other in multicultural Australia
The project will generate and report on perspectives and insights from some of Australia’s often overlooked ‘ethnic’ voices
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Material geographies of household sustainability
Cultural dimensions of environmental sustainability and climate change are an emerging and critical research concern
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

Media Archives Project Pilot Study
Encourage and support Australia’s media industry, media practitioners and individual hobbyists to preserve, make available, digitise, or deposit archival material in existing repositories
Media Histories Node

Media Histories Subsidies
Subsidies offered occasionally to postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers to attend conferences
Media Histories Node

Micro-publics & the Multicultural (sub)urban
Speaking tour by Prof Ash Amin
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Mobile Screens Working Group
Researcher related to mobile technologies
Cultural Technologies Node

Multilingual Literacies
Forging intersections between cultural studies and language teaching
Cultural Literacies Node

Nature Cultures Group
Questions of ecology and its cultural mediations
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node (Cultural Histories sub-node)

Obsolescence: Media history, policy and aesthetics
Observing persistent use of obsolescent technologies can reveal social divides, or determined resistance to the onward march of technology
Cultural Technologies Node and Media Histories Node

Program for Australian Television History (PATH)
This project is to establish a national Australian Television History group and to link it into existing media history groups with a view to forming a national Media History network.
Media Histories Node

Rural Cultural Research Program
An examination of how people make sense of their lived experience and locality
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity: Making and Making Do
An understanding of what this broadband connectivity means and has meant to place, community, and self
Cultural Technologies Node and Cultural Histories and Geographies Node (Cultural Geographies sub-node)

Superdiversity, Diaspora and Media
An exploration of the relations between cultural diversity and media in the complex communities of the twenty-first century
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Television and Memory Group
Bringing some of the theoretical approaches to memory developed within the areas of memory studies and history to bear on Australian media history
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node and Media Histories Node