Past Projects

This is information about past projects, kept for archival purposes.


“Australian Values” in a Multicultural Australia
What are "Australian Values" and how do they map onto a culturally diverse Australia?
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Creative Articulations
Methodological challenges in the combination of cultural and media studies and economic and cultural geographies
Cultural Histories and Geographies and Cultural Technologies nodes

Communication Across Borders: India – Australia
Cross-border communications through media, environment, and people
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Distributing Cultural Literacies via Digital Media
A survey of Australian cultural literacies
Cultural Literacies Node

James Katz Tour
A masterclass, public lecture and seminar presented by Prof. James Katz (Rutgers University)
Cultural Technologies Node

Media and Cultural Economies in East Asia
Studies of media and communication industry development
Cultural Technologies Node

Media Histories Symposium, Perth
A symposium in Perth in 2008, examining Western Australian media histories (Day 1) and Internet histories in the Asia-Pacific (Day 2)
Media Histories Node and Cultural Technologies Node

Queer Asian Sites
Help to increase the visibility of this emerging field to both an academic and general audience
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

(un)Panicked Communities
A focus on the relatively 'uncontroversial' aspects of everyday Australia
Cultural Identities and Communities and Cultural Histories and Geographies Nodes

Young People and Sexual Health
An original mode of addressing Generation Y through mobile phones and other new technologies
Cultural Literacies Node