Dr Amanda Wise

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Research Fellow, Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University


Funded Research Projects

“Building Neighbourhood Harmony: Strategies for Local Government”, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, 2005 –2006

Transnational Affect and the Moral Economies of Temporary Skilled Migration of South Indians to Australia
ARC Discovery with Dr Selvaraj Velayutham (APD) – 2006-2008

Cultural Diversity, Community and Family Services, ARC Linkage project – with Dr M Fine; Mr K Moloney – funding a PhD Student Ms Kylie Sait 2006-2008

Current Research Projects

Inhabiting Multiculturalism
Inhabiting Multiculturalism is the title of my manuscript in progress. It is an ongoing writing and research project which explores the nature of quotidian multiculturalism and the implications for how we imagine and manage culturally diverse western societies today. The book explores everyday diversity from various points of view, including; ‘Sensuous Multiculturalism’, Diversity Hope, and Reciprocity; Diasporic vs Local modes of Inhabitance; Riots and other moments of multicultural rupture; The Politics of (In)Civility; Cross-Cultural Habitus; The future of Multiculturalism; and ‘new’ Anti-racisms.

Current Research Interests

Multiculturalism, racism, and interethnic relations
Refugees, diasporic, transnational communities
The senses, affect, embodiment, habitus
Cultural attachments and formations of place, especially in relation to culturally diverse Cities