Assoc Professor Sue Turnbull

No image availableSchool of Communication, Arts and Critical Enquiry, La Trobe University


CRN Research Projects

Australian Television and Popular Memory: New Approaches to the Cultural History of Media in the Project of Nation-building

Current Research Projects

1. Australian Screen Comedy, with Dr Felicity Collins and Dr Susan Bye - (funded by an ARC Discovery Grant). This project explores the ways in which comedy is related to questions of national identity in Australia. At stake is the relationship between local, national and international understandings of Australian identity as expressed in a variety of long-standing comic forms. The project seeks to provide an understanding of how recurring comic forms and characters, central to Australian screen history, continue to influence ideas about national character, even in newly emerging post-national and multi-ethnic contexts.

2. The ABC of Comedy: The Innovative Role of the ABC in the production of new forms of Australian screen comedy, with Dr Felicity Collins and Dr Susan Bye (funded by a La Trobe University Industry Collaborative Grant Scheme). This project is concerned with the innovative role of ABC Television in the production and distribution of Australian comedy. The project has three three industry partners, the ABC Archives and Library Services, The National Film and Sound Archives. A book detailing the major findings of the project is currently in preparation.

Research Interests

sex and the media
media audience research
the aesthetics of popular culture
representations of crime
Teen TV