Dr Ingrid Richardson

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School of Media Communication and Culture, Murdoch University


Research Projects

2006-2007 Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID): Suburban Communities. Ingrid Richardson – Suburban Communities Project Manager. The WA node is currently researching/developing Bluetooth information points on the Fremantle Boat Harbour Heritage Trail and a virtual 3D environment for home-based small businesses.

2007 Research Excellence Grant Scheme (Murdoch University): Highly Interactive and Location-based Mobile Media. Ingrid Richardson – Project Leader. This project explores the technical and cultural aspects of location-based image and video capture on new generation GPS-enabled mobile phones; it includes the creation and field-testing of prototype software and an application platform for mobile media, and a case study of a small group of participants.

2007-2008 Carrick Institute Grant: Curriculum Leadership Project. Ingrid Richardson – Project Leader. This project critically reviews current curriculum and best practice in the fields of new/digital media at Murdoch University (School of Media Communication and Culture).

2007-2009 Telstra Foundation Social Innovation Grant: Moblogging and Belonging. Ingrid Richardson - Project Leader. This project aims to develop young people's media literacy of mobile media, and 'capacity-build' on teenagers existing mobile phone skills by providing workshops on mobile media content creation, with a particular focus on how to capture and edit effective mobile photographs and video, and upload them while ‘on-the-move’ to mobile weblogs.

Current Research Interests

Philosophy of science and technology,
new and interactive media theory,
visual ethnography and embodied interaction,
the cultural and corporeal effects of mobile media,
the phenomenology of both ‘small’ and ‘urban’ screens,
technologies for social and environmental sustainability