Prof ProbynProfessor Elspeth Probyn

Research SA Chair and Prof of Gender & Cultural Studies, University of South Australia


Funded Research Projects

DP0987083: 2009 Taste and Place: the transglobal production and consumption of food and drink

DP0667170: 2006 The Well-Rounded Person: The Role of Sport in Shaping Physical, Emotional and Social Development, with Assoc Prof C Lumby, Dr JA O'Dea, and Ms KM Albury

DP0556065: 2005 Youth Cultures of Eating: A Cultural Analysis of Youth Obesity, Gender, Class, Ethnicity and Generation with Dr JA O'Dea

2001-2003 'The Practices and Performances of Alimentary Identity'

2001-2003 'Girl Cultures: A Study of Girls’ Consumption of Popular Media' (with Catharine Lumby)

Current Research Interests

emotional tourism

youth media

youth obesity

emotions and affects

gender and media