Professor Tom O'Regan

Prof Tom O'ReganSchool of English, Media Studies and Art History, The University of Queensland


Research Projects

DP0773547, 2006: "Redesigning Australian film and television production for Multichannel Environments, 1995-2009" with Dr BM Goldsmith

DP0770606, 2006: "The Emergence, Development and Transformation of Media Ratings Conventions and Methodologies in Australia, 1930-2008" with Prof M Balnaves

2002-2003 O’Regan, T., Gibson, L., Mercer, C., Jeffcutt, P., ‘The Independents and Cultural Policy’

2002-2004 O’Regan, T., Thomas, J., Jacka, L., Cunningham, S., ‘The new services industry model: Implications for audio-visual media’,

2000 O’Regan T. and Cunningham, S., ‘The Cultural and Industry Impact of Local Content Regulation: The Broadcasting Services (Australian Content) Standard, 1999’

2001 O’Regan, T., Team Leader, A/Prof. J. Craik Associate Investigator, Dr L. Gibson, Australian Post-Doctoral Fellow Industry (APDI), ‘Public Art and Heritage – History, Practice, Policy’

Current Research Interests

contemporary film studio complex

screen production systems

information and communication technology

urban policy development

international film industry

transformations in film policy

services industry models and screen and media policy

audience research

creative industries analysis and policy making

cultural policy