Dr Susan Luckman

Dr Susan LuckmanSchool of Communication, Information and New Media, University of South Australia


Funded Research Projects

LP0667445: 2006 Creative Tropical City: Mapping Darwin's Creative Industries, with Ass Prof T Lea and Dr CR Gibson

Research Projects

Future Audiences for Australian Stories: Investigating audience and industry perceptions of national narrative storytelling in the digital age, Susan Luckman and Dr Julia de Roeper

Australian-produced drama on national free-to-air-television is regulated by local content quotas, however, digital convergence and a globalised media market are now changing access to all media content, so that future audiences are poised to dramatically change. Little rigorous research has been undertaken to identify audience needs or potential opportunities for contemporary Australian film and television production. We will examine audience and industry perceptions of contemporary Australian film and television production, in conjunction with shifting trends in content platforms, and develop an important decision-making tool to assist development of a strong national creative screen culture.

Current Research Interests

music and cultural policy

contemporary dance music cultures

subcultural studies

cultural entrepreneurialism and creative industries