Professor Andrew Kenyon

Prof KenyonDirector, Centre for Media and Communications Law, University of Melbourne


Funded Research Projects

DP0985337: 2009 'Defamation and Privacy: Law, Media and Public Speech'

DP0662844: 2006 The Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore with Prof TC Lindsey, Dr T Marjoribanks, and Ms AJ Whiting

DP0559783: 2005-2007 'The Future of Television: Australian Legal Protection of Digital Broadcast Content'

LP0348534: 2004-2005 'Copyright and cultural institutions: Digitising collections in public musuems, galleries and libraries', with Andrew Christie

DP0343258: 2003-2005 'Defamation law in context: Australian and US news production practices and public debate', with Tim Marjoribanks

Research Projects

Cultural Collections, Creators and Copyright: Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives and Australia's Digital Heritage

Digital technologies give collecting institutions new ways to promote public access to their collections through online availability. However, in many situations copyright law exposes them to legal liability if they do so. Through collaboration with ten leading cultural organisations, this project investigates current and emerging ways of publicly using digital collections and managing copyright and the interests of creators. Legal and empirical research across collecting institutions, creators and peak sector bodies will produce detailed policy recommendations about copyright law and best practice within the sector. The projects independent empirical analysis will enhance future public policy about digital copyright.

Current Research Interests

Australian, English and US defamation law and litigation

US and Australian news production practices and public debate

Digital television

Broadcasting law and policy

Copyright and technology