Dr Shane Homan

Dr Shane HomanSchool of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University


Funded Research Projects

DP0985559: 2009 'Policy Notes: Local Popular Music in Global Creative Economies', with Dr M Cloonan; and A/Prof R Shuker

DP0345917: 2004 'Playing for Life: The Everyday Music Practices of Marginalised Youth as Strategic Pathways to Agency, Employment and Socio-Economic Inclusion' (with Geraldine Bloustien and Margaret Peters)

Current Research Projects

Contemporary Australian Music Radio: Formats and Products

The Australian radio industry has undergone significant regulatory and industrial change since the 1980s. This project provides the first comprehensive analysis of how key Australian music radio programs and stations use pop and rock music to attract and maintain audiences. It documents how and what forms of music are distributed, and the formation of particular audiences, stations and advertisers. The music format itself is taken as a key source of engagement between station, advertiser and audience. Examining the public, community and commercial sectors, it will produce new ways of understanding the role of music formats, and their importance to the viability of the Australian music industry in the production/promotion of new artists.

Current Research Interests

cultural policy

music industry

popular music


urban cultures