Dr Michelle Duffy

School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences, Monash University


Research Projects

Uncovering emotional responses at music festivals, with A/P G Waitt

This project aims to understand and define the processes through which emotional responses to sound, music and the place in which these occur are significant to participation at a music festival. The case study for this project is the Four Winds Festival, a classical music festival held in Bermagui, NSW.

Rural belongings: the role of community music festivals in Australian rural towns, with Dr S Wilson, A/P N McLachlan, Dr D Lusher, A/P G Waitt

This project brings together the work of cultural geography and psychology in order to examine the potential a music festival has for social transformation in terms of wellbeing and feelings of belonging or exclusion within small rural communities.


Current Research Interests

Cultural geography


Music, sound and place-making

Emotions and affect

Rural cultures