Dr Tanja Dreher

No image availableHumanities and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney


Research Projects

ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2007 – 2010 Dr Tanja Dreher University of Technology, Sydney PROJECT ID: DP0773579

News and Community Conflict: examining the role of journalism in local conflict and conflict resolution

Project summary:
This project analyses the role and impact of news media in local conflicts in order to develop innovative proposals for journalism practice at times of community tensions. It explores the perspectives of news producers and audiences on the reporting of conflict in the Sydney suburbs of Cronulla, Macquarie Fields and Redfern through interviews, workshops and a public forum designed to develop practical guidelines for media professionals, community groups and policymakers as well as scholarly publications. The research evaluates the prospects for journalism to contribute to conflict resolution and investigates the compatability of conflict-resolving news with more traditional journalism ethics.

The 'Listening' project (with Justine Lloyd and Penny O'Donnell, seeking funding from Cultural Literacies Node 2007)

The Listening Project is a program of collaboration that will generate sustained discussion and a publication around the practices, politics and ethics of the cultural literacy of ‘listening’. The project develops a new area of study through an innovative model of networking, bringing together researchers in a range of disciplines and media and cultural producers. The program will examine ‘listening’, an emerging focus in Media Studies and citizens’ media interventions. Habitual critiques of representation and the politics of ‘speaking’ (or giving voice to the voiceless) are giving way to investigation of more dynamic and active possibilities for social inclusion and social change based on recognition, dialogic engagement and acceptance.

Community conflict resolution in Rockdale (with Barbara Bloch)

A pilot research project on Community Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution in partnership with Rockdale Council. In the aftermath of the violence at Cronulla and Brighton beaches in Deecember 2005, the research found that there is considerable support for cultural diversity in the Rockdale area, as well as tensions over the shared use of public spaces such as parks and beaches. This raises a crucial challenge for local government, which must both address racism and prejudice where it arises, and foster and promote the everyday enjoyment of multiculturalism evident in mundane interactions across cultural differences. The research is being extended to explore strategies for the shared use of public spaces such as beaches and parks.

Current Research Interests

Community media interventions
Media and multiculturalism
Indigenous media
Changing journalism culture
Racism and anti-racism after September 11, 2001 Intersections of feminism and anti-racism