Professor Kate Darian-Smith

Prof Kate Darian-SmithDirector, The Australian Centre, University of Melbourne


Research Projects

DP0984223: 2009 Cultural sustainability in Australian country towns: amenity, mobility, and everyday life, with Dr CA Driscoll; Dr K Bowles; A/Prof CR Gibson; Dr D Nichols; A/Prof G Waitt

DP0663788: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Designing Everyday Modernism for Australian Communities 1920-1970, with Dr H Lewi, Prof PJ Goad, Dr JL Willis, and Assoc Prof JF Murphy

1999 Show time: Social and cultural histories of agricultural shows in Australia

2001, Dr SJ Wills, with Ass Prof Kate Darian-Smith, Knowing their place? A social and cultural history of British migration in late-twentieth-century Australia

Current Research Interests

memory and narrative

Australian cultural history

museum studies

gender and histories

nationalism/colonialism/postcolonial/transnational histories