Associate Professor Chris Gibson

GeoQuest Research Centre, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong


Funded Research Projects

DP0986041: 2009 Making less space for carbon: cultural research for climate change mitigation and adaptation, with A/Prof G Waitt; Dr NJ Gill; and Prof LM Head

DP0984223: 2009 Cultural sustainability in Australian country towns: amenity, mobility, and everyday life, with Dr CA Driscoll; Dr K Bowles; Prof K Darian-Smith; Dr D Nichols; A/Prof G Waitt

LP0667445: 2006 Creative Tropical City: Mapping Darwin's Creative Industries, with Assoc Prof T Lea and Dr S Luckman

DP0560032: 2005 Reinventing rural places? The extent and impact of festivals as regeneration strategies with Prof J Connell; A/Prof G Waitt; Prof DJ Walmsley

Research Projects

Belonging and well-being: my place, my self, our future with Gordon Waitt and Louise Johnson

Belonging is how a person defines and situates themself: ‘this is who I am,’ ‘this is my place.’ It is our contention that this nexus between place, self and belonging is integral to social well-being; this project seeks to understand how. To do this we explore the experiences of social groups shown to have a heightened awareness of belonging, living in diverse Australian places. Employing innovative qualitative methodologies to fill this research gap, we will contribute important knowledge about the factors contributing to well-being, which in turn will contribute to the on-going project of enhancing social cohesion in Australia

Current Research Interests

geographies of cultural industries (focus on popular music)

place identity and cultural politics

cultural industries and economic development strategies

information industries in regional areas

Aboriginal cultural industries

cultural tourism and place identities