Professor David Carter

Prof David CarterSchool of English, Media Studies and Art History, The University of Queensland


Funded Research Projects

DP0771376, 2006: "America Publishes Australia: Australian Books and American Publishers, 1890-2005"

DP0773265, 2006: "Australian literary publishing and its economies, 1965-1995" with Prof IR Indyk; Mr JF Arnold; Dr MR Davis; and Ms L Poland

LP0775186, 2006: "The Queensland Historical Atlas: Histories, Cultures, Landscapes" with Prof P Spearritt; Dr GA Ginn; Dr SG Ulm; Dr NS Bordes; Dr CA McAlpine; Dr JP Powell; Mr MC Quinnell; Mr P Gesner; Dr BA Crozier; Dr JM McKay; Ms PE Barnard

LE0775619, 2006: AustLit: Phase Two - humanities research infrastructure development, augmentation and expansion, with Prof JA Hay; A/Prof RA Fotheringham; Prof RW Dixon; Ms KM Kilner; Dr L Dale; Prof BH Bennett; Prof PR Eggert; Prof EA Webby; Mr RH Coleman; Mr JF Arnold; A/Prof W Ommundsen; Ms AH Horn; Prof CM Bradford; Dr CM Taylor; Dr P Mead; Prof GR Worby; Dr RA Phiddian; Prof DJ Haskell; Ms DM Bird; Dr TN Burrows

LE0668073: AustLit - humanities research infrastructure development through knowledge-based dataset building, augmentation of key research elements and ICT developments, with Prof JA Hay; A/Prof RA Fotheringham; Ms KM Kilner; Ms AH Horn; Prof BH Bennett; Prof PR Eggert; Mr JF Arnold; Prof EA Webby; Mr RH Coleman; Prof GR Worby; A/Prof W Ommundsen; Ms DM Bird; Prof DJ Haskell; Dr CM Taylor; Dr P Mead

DP0450070: The Making of the Australian Middlebrow: Nationalism, Modernity and Middlebrow Culture in Australia

LP0453943: Popular Cultures and Social Change: Case Studies from Rural Queensland

Building Australian Literary Knowledge Infrastructure

Research Projects

America Publishes Australia: Australian Books and American Publishers, 1890-2005

This project will be the first comprehensive study of American editions of Australian literary works, the cultural, commercial and legal structures within which they were produced, and their reception in the US domestic market. The focus of existing research on British-Australian publishing relations has led to a neglect of US editions. The research will thus add an important new dimension to Australian literary history, especially to an understanding of transnational cultural networks, and contribute significantly to our knowledge of Australian-US cultural links.

Current Research Interests

Australian cultural history

studies in print culture

rural popular cultures