Professor Ien Ang

Prof Ien AngARC Professorial Fellow, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney


Funded Research Projects

DP0988547: 2009 Culture in Transition: Creative Labour and Social Mobilities in the Asian Century , with A/Prof BM Neilson; Dr N Rossiter; Prof ME Morris; Prof R Samaddar; Prof H Wang; Prof S Mezzadra

LP0668261: The Art of Engagement: Exploring a contemporary arts-business collaboration, with Dr E Lally; Prof M Ang; Prof KJ Anderson; and Ms EA Macgregor

DP0559667: 2005 Cultural Research for the 21st Century: Building Cultural Intelligence for a Complex World

LP0453777: The Special Broadcasting Service and Australian Cultural Democracy: Evolution, Uses and Innovation (ARC Linkage, 2004-2006, with Gay Hawkins and Julie Eisenberg)

Partnerships in Humanities Research (ARC Special Project, 2003, with the Australian Academy of the Humanities)

Other Research

Connecting Diversity: Paradoxes of Multicultural Australia (SBS, 2006). Commissioned research for SBS (with Greg Noble)

Current Research Interests

cultural diversity and difference

transnationalism and cultural globalisation

urban and community development

race, ethnicity and migration

changing cultural institutions

collaborative cultural research