Since its inception in 2005 the CRN has run numerous workshops, symposia, round-tables, and other forms of research collaboration. While many of the outcomes are hard to quantify and must be measured in terms of contributions to knowledge and understanding, there are some key indicators of the success of the Network. Here are lists of publications and research grants awarded to CRN participants since 2005.

Some of the grants—but very few of the publications—may have been achieved without the CRN, but we maintain that the intellectual space and resources of the Network have made these outcomes possible.


Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific
Story Circle
Everyday Multiculturalism
Internationalizing Internet Studies

Andrew Gorman-Murray and Ruth Lane, eds, Material geographies of household sustainability, in preparation.

Rowan Wilken and Gerard Goggin, editors, Place and Mobiles, in preparation.

Larissa Hjorth, Jean Burgess, and Ingrid Richardson, editors, Unboxing the iPhone, under consideration.

Mark McLelland and Gerard Goggin, editors, Internet Histories, forthcoming.

Gibson, C, Darian-Smith, K and Connell, J (eds) (2010) Festival Places: Revitalising Rural Australia, Aldershot: Ashgate, forthcoming.

Melissa Gregg and Catherine Driscoll, Broadcast Yourself: Presence, Intimacy and Community Online, Routledge, forthcoming.

Tania Lewis and Emily Potter, editors, Ethical Consumption: A Critical Introduction, Routledge, forthcoming September 2010. Publisher's description

Noble, Greg, ed. Lines in the Sand: The Cronulla Riots, Multiculturalism and National Belonging, Sydney: Institute of Criminology Press, 2009. Publisher's Description.

John Hartley and Kelly McWilliam, eds, Story Circle: Digital Storytelling Around the World, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. Publisher's description

Dean Chan and Larissa Hjorth, eds. Gaming Cultures and Place in Asia-Pacific, Routledge, 2009. Publisher's description

Amanda Wise and Selvaraj Velayutham, editors, Everyday Multiculturalism, Palgrave: 2009. Publisher's description

Mark McLelland and Gerard Goggin, editors, Internationalizing Internet Studies: Beyond Anglophone Paradigms, Routledge: 2008. Publisher's description


Special Issues

Chris Chesher, Larissa Hjorth, Ingrid Richardson, and Jason Wilson, "Distractedly engaged: Mobile gaming in the age of Web 2.0," Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, forthcoming (2011)

“The Technologies of Listening,” Transforming Cultures eJournal, forthcoming (2010).

“Mourning and Trauma,” Journal of Intercultural Studies, forthcoming (2010)

Emily Potter, Clifton Evers, and Andrew Gorman-Murray, “Rural Cultural Studies: Research, Practice, Ethics,” Cultural Studies Review, 16.1 (2010) http://utsescholarship.lib.uts.edu.au/epress/journals/index.php/csrj/issue/view/113/showToc

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Chris Healy and Tony Bennett, "Assembling Culture," Special issue of the Journal of Cultural Economy 2. 1-2 (2009).

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Michelle Arrow, Bridget Griffen-Foley, and Marnie Hughes-Warrington, "Australian Media Reception Histories," Special issue of Media international Australia, 131 (May 2009)

Mark McLelland (guest editor), "Japanese Transnational Fandoms and Female Consumers," Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 20 (April 2009)

Penny O’Donnell, Tanja Dreher & Justine Lloyd, “Listening: New ways of engaging with media and culture,” Continuum 23.4 (2009).

"The Space Between: Languages, Translations and Cultures." Special Issue edited by Vera Mackie, Ikuko Nakane, and Emi Otsuji. Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies 6.1 (2009).

Clare Lloyd, Scott Rickard, and Gerard Goggin, “Placing Mobile Communication,” Australian Journal of Communication, (36.1, 2009)

"Justice and Governance in Water," Social Alternatives, 27.3 (2008).

"Transnational Asian Australian Cinema" Part 1 and Part 2. Special issues edited by Audrey Yue, Olivia Khoo and Belinda Smaill. Studies in Australasian Cinema 2:2-3 (2008).

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John Hartley, “The Uses of Richard Hoggart,” International Journal of Cultural Studies, 10.1 (March 2007)

Gerard Goggin and Melissa Gregg, “Wireless Cultures and Technologies,” Media International Australia, 125, (November 2007)

Chris Gibson, “Cultural Geography and Cultural Studies,” Special issue of Geographical Research (44.4): 2006


Conference Panels

Re:live conference. Melbourne November 2009. Mobile gaming panel with Larissa Hjorth, Chris Chesher, Sam Hinton, and Ingrid Richardson.

ANZCA2009 panel "Sound Affect Space," John Tebbutt, Ingrid Richardson, Jo Tacchi, and Kate Crawford.

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies / Cultural Typhoon Conference, 3-5 July 2009, Tokyo, Japan. Panel “Asian Australian Cinema—Genres and Transnational Asian Flows” Audrey Yue, Olivia Khoo and Belinda Smaill.

Department of Gender Studies, the University of Sydney, October 2008: "Naturecultures," Zoe Sofoulis, Gay Hawkins, and Emily Potter.

School of Writing and Cultural Studies, UTS, September 2008: "Naturecultures," Zoe Sofoulis, Stephen Muecke and Emily Potter.

The Uses of Richard Hoggart: An International Conference on Richard Hoggart, 3 – 5 April 2005, University of Sheffield, UK: "Cultural Literacies," Graeme Turner, John Hartley, Melissa Gregg, Gerry Bloustien, and Mark Gibson.

Creating Value: Between Commerce and Commons, 25 - 27 June 2008, QUT: "Culture Lab," Emily Potter and Stephen Muecke.

Assembling Cultures Workshop, 10 - 11 December 2007, Melbourne: Invited panel "Nature Cultures," Gay Hawkins and Kay Anderson.

Cultural Studies Association of Australia Conference, 6 December 2007, Adelaide: Plenary Panel: "Naturecultures—negotiating matters of concern," Gay Hawkins, Zoe Sofoulis, Stephen Muecke, and Emily Potter.

Australian Historical Association 2007 Regional Conference: Engaging Histories, 23 - 26 September 2007, Armidale: "Rural Cultural Studies," Kate Darian-Smith, Catherine Driscoll, Gordon Waitt, Andrew Gorman-Murray, and Kate Bowles.

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Shanghai Conference, 16 - 17 June 2007, Shanghai: "Nature Cultures Panel," Gay Hawkins, Stephen Muecke, and Emily Potter; "Communicating Intimacy, Friendship & Youth: Perspectives and Practices from the PRC, Hong Kong, and Australia," Catherine Driscoll, Gordon Waitt, Clif Evers, and Elspeth Probyn.

The Stuff of Politics: Technoscience, democracy, and public life, 7 - 10 December 2006, University of Oxford

ACS Crossroads Conference, 20 - 23 July 2006, Bilgi University, İstanbul: "Cosmopolitan Multiculturalism in Australia," Greg Noble, Ien Ang, Ghassan Hage.

International Geographical Union Conference, 3 - 7 July 2006, Brisbane

Institute of Australian Geographers annual conference, July 2005, Armidale


Funded Grants

Future Fellowships

ARC Future Fellowship 2009, Assoc Professor Chris Gibson, Crisis and change: cultural-economic research on the adaptability and sustainability of Australian households

ARC Future Fellowship 2009, Professor Vera Mackie, From Human Rights to Human Security: Changing Paradigms for Dealing with Inequality in the Asia-Pacific Region

Discovery Grants

ARC Discovery 2009, Internet History in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, Prof Gerard Goggin, Assoc Prof Mark McLelland, Dr H Yu, and Dr K Lee

ARC Discovery 2009, China's Rural Migrant Workers: Social Transition and Cultural Practice, Prof Wanning Sun

ARC Discovery 2009, The role of lifestyle television in transforming culture, citizenship and selfhood: Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India, Dr Fran Martin, Dr Tania Lewis, Assoc Prof R Harindranath, Prof Wanning Sun, and Prof John Sinclair

ARC Discovery 2009, Popular music and cultural memory: Localised popular music histories and their significance for national music industries, Prof A Bennett; Dr Shane Homan; Dr S Baker; Dr P Doyle; Prof S Janssen; Prof S Cohen; Prof M Regev; Dr TJ Dowd

ARC Discovery 2009, New Media and Public Communication: Mapping Australian User-Created Content in Online Social Networks, Dr A Bruns; Dr Jean Burgess; Mr T Nicolai; Mr L Kirchhoff

ARC Discovery 2009, Worldwide: the history of the commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Assoc Prof Jason Jacobs

ARC Discovery 2008, Defamation and Privacy: Law, Media and Public Speech, Assoc Prof Andrew Kenyon

ARC Discovery 2008, Policy Notes: Local Popular Music in Global Creative Economies, Dr Shane Homan, Dr M Cloonan, and A/Prof R Shuker

ARC Discovery 2008, Making less space for carbon: cultural research for climate change mitigation and adaptation, Assoc Prof Gordon Waitt; Assoc Prof Chris Gibson; Dr NJ Gill; Prof LM Head

ARC Discovery 2008, Men on the home front: spatialities of domesticity and masculinity, Dr Andrew Gorman-Murray

ARC Discovery 2008, The Just-in-Time Self: Young Men, Skill and Narratives of Aspiration in the New Economy, Dr G Morgan and Dr Greg Noble

ARC Discovery 2008, Taste and Place: the transglobal production and consumption of food and drink, Prof Elspeth Probyn

ARC Discovery 2008, Online@asia/pacific: A comparative study of online networks in the Asia-Pacific, Ms L Hjorth and Dr MV Arnold

ARC Discovery 2008, Cultural sustainability in Australian country towns: amenity, mobility, and everyday life, Dr Catherine Driscoll, Dr Kate Bowles, Prof Kate Darian-Smith, Assoc Prof Chris Gibson, Dr D Nichols, and Assoc Prof Gordon Waitt

ARC Discovery 2008, The History of Asian Australian Cinema: Diaspora, Policy and Ethics, Dr Audrey Yue, Dr Olivia Khoo and Dr Belinda Smaill

ARC Discovery 2008, From Print to the Internet: The Media in Australia since 1803, Dr BL Griffen-Foley

ARC Discovery 2008, From the Tap to the Bottle: an international study of the social and material life of bottled Water, A/Prof G Hawkins; Dr KD Race; Dr EC Potter

ARC Discovery 2008, Young, Mobile, Networked: Mobile Media and Youth Culture in Australia, Dr GM Goggin; Ms KJ Crawford

ARC Discovery 2008, Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese perspectives on an era of propaganda, Prof SJ Donald; Prof H Evans

ARC Discovery 2008, Intercolonial networks of the Indian Ocean, Dr D Ghosh; Prof H Goodall; Prof S Muecke; Em/Prof MN Pearson

ARC Discovery 2008, Global/Local Intersections: History, Identity and Community in a Tokyo Subculture, Dr MJ McLelland

ARC Discovery 2008, Social Memory and Historical Justice: How Democratic Societies Remember and Forget the Victimisation of Minorities in the Past, Prof K Neumann; Dr Chris Healy; Dr MM Tumarkin; Dr L Apel; Prof Dr S Schüler-Springorum; Prof Dr H Welzer

ARC Discovery 2008, Creative Suburbia: A Critical Evaluation of the Scope for Creative Cultural Development in Australia's Suburban and Peri Urban Communities, A/Prof T Flew; Prof PW Graham; Dr MN Gibson; Dr C Collis

ARC Discovery 2008, Australian television and popular memory: new approaches to the cultural history of the media in the project of nation-building, Prof J Hartley; Prof G Turner; A/Prof A McKee; Dr SE Turnbull; Dr CL Healy; Dr JB Green

ARC Discovery 2008, Governance, human capital and regional investment in China's new creative clusters, Dr MA Keane; Prof X Zhang

ARC Discovery 2008, Mapping the movies: the changing nature of Australia's cinema circuits and their audiences 1956-1984, Prof R Maltby; Dr M Walsh; Dr K Bowles; A/Prof D Verhoeven; Prof JJ Matthews; A/Prof CA Arrowsmith

ARC Discovery 2007, Australian literary publishing and its economies, 1965-1995, Prof IR Indyk; Mr JF Arnold; Dr MR Davis; Prof DJ Carter; Ms L Poland

ARC Discovery 2007, America Publishes Australia: Australian Books and American Publishers, 1890-2005, Prof DJ Carter

ARC Discovery 2007, New Electronic Archives for Australian Literature, Prof RW Dixon; Prof GL Whitlock; Dr L Dale; Dr K Bode

ARC Discovery 2007, Working from home: New media technology, workplace culture and the changing nature of Domesticity, Dr MC Gregg

ARC Discovery 2007, Redesigning Australian film and television production for Multichannel Environments, 1995-2009, Prof TA O'Regan; Dr BM Goldsmith

ARC Discovery 2007, The Emergence, Development and Transformation of Media Ratings Conventions and Methodologies in Australia, 1930-2008, Prof M Balnaves; Prof TA O'Regan

ARC Discovery 2006, The Cultivation of Middle-Class Taste: Reading, Tourism and Education Choices in Urban China, Stephi Donald

ARC Discovery 2006, The Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Andrew Kenyon

ARC Discovery 2006, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: Designing Everyday Modernism for Australian Communities 1920-1970, Kate Darian-Smith, Prof P Goad, Dr H Lewi, A/Prof J Willis, and Dr D Nichols

ARC Discovery 2006, Colonial Publishing and Literary Democracy in Australia: an analysis of the influences on Australian literature of British and Australian publishing, Richard Nile

ARC Discovery 2006, The Well-Rounded Person: The Role of Sport in Shaping Physical, Emotional and Social Development, Elspeth Probyn and Catharine Lumby

Linkage Grants

ARC Linkage 2010, Spreading fictions: distributing stories in the online age, Prof Jock D Given, Prof Gerard M Goggin, Ms Fiona Cameron, Mr Michael Brealey

ARC Linkage 2010, Spatial dialogues: public art and climate change, Prof Linda V Williams, Dr Philip Samartzis, Dr Larissa Hjorth, Mr Simon J Perry, Mr Dominic Redfern, Dr Kristen Sharp, Ms Carolyn Viney, Mr Anthony Cullen

ARC Linkage 2010, The games and the wider interactive entertainment industry in Australia: an inquiry into sources of innovation, Dr John A Banks, Prof Stuart D Cunningham, Dr Jason D Potts, Dr Nicholas D Herd, Mr Ronald B Feeney, Dr Karen R Pearlman

ARC Linkage 2010, Rethinking multiculturalism/reassessing multicultural education, Dr Megan Watkins, A/Prof Gregory Noble, Prof Kevin M Dunn, Ms Nell Lynes, Ms Amanda Bourke, Ms Robyn Mamouney

ARC Linkage 2009, Indigenous Placemaking in Central Melbourne: Representations, practices and creative research, Dr Janet K McGaw, Dr Emily C Potter, Dr Anoma D Pieris, Prof Graham W Brawn

ARC Linkage 2009, Young People, Technology, and Wellbeing Research Facility, Dr Amanda J Third, Dr Ingrid Richardson, Dr Jane M Burns, Dr Lucas L Walsh, Ms Philippa J Collin

ARC Linkage 2009, Soft Infrastructure, New Media and Creative Clusters: Developing Capacity in China and Australia, Michael Keane

ARC Linkage 2008, Large screens and the transnational public sphere, Prof. Nikos Papastergiadis, Prof. Ross Gibson, A/Prof Scott McQuire, Prof. Sean Cubitt, Dr Audrey Yue

ARC Linkage 2008, Information and Cultural Exchange: a study of best practices in community building, participation and cultural citizenship through creative practices, Dr I Vanni Accarigi; Dr TI Dreher; Dr D Ghosh; Dr C Ho; Dr AW Mitchell

ARC Linkage 2008, Cultural Asset Mapping for Planning and Development in Regional Australia, Prof RJ Gibson; A/Prof CR Gibson; Prof J Walmsley

ARC Linkage 2006, Mobile Me: Young People, Sociality and the Mobile Phone, Stephi Donald, John Gammack, and Theresa Anderson

ARC Linkage 2007, Conciliation Narratives and the Historical Imagination in British Pacific Rim Settler Societies, Prof Kate Darian-Smith, Dr J Evans, and Dr P Edmonds

ARC Linkage 2007, Creative Tropical City: Mapping Darwin's Creative Industries, Susan Luckman and Chris Gibson

ARC Linkage 2007, The Art of Engagement: Exploring a contemporary arts-business collaboration, Ien Ang and Kay Anderson,

ARC Linkage 2007, Assessing the impact of new communication technologies in developing countries and Disadvantaged communities, Dr JA Tacchi; Dr AJ Skuse

ARC Linkage 2007, The Queensland Historical Atlas: Histories, Cultures, Landscapes, Prof P Spearritt; Dr GA Ginn; Prof DJ Carter; Dr SG Ulm; Dr NS Bordes; Dr CA McAlpine; Dr JP Powell; Mr MC Quinnell; Mr P Gesner; Dr BA Crozier; Dr JM McKay; Ms PE Barnard

ARC Linkage 2006, Childhood, Tradition and Change: a National Study of the Historical and Contemporary Significance and Practices of Australian Children’s Playlore, Prof Kate Darian-Smith, Prof W Logan, Prof G Seal


Other ARC Grants

Federation Fellowship 2005, Prof John Hartley

Federation Fellowship 2006, Prof Graeme Turner

ARC LIEF 2007, The Australian Legal Scholarship Library – enhancing research infrastructure for Australian Law, Prof GW Greenleaf; Prof AS Mowbray; Prof T Carlin; Dr F Wheeler; Mrs H Culshaw; A/Prof AT Kenyon; Prof MA Adams

ARC LIEF 2007, AustLit Phase Two: Research Infrastructure for Humanities and Education Researchers, Prof DJ Carter; Prof RW Dixon; and others

ARC LIEF 2006, AustLit - humanities research infrastructure development through knowledge-based dataset building, augmentation of key research elements and ICT developments, David Carter and others


Other Grants

Economic and Social Research Council and Department for International Development, ESRC/DFID Joint Scheme Phase 2 - Participation in Development: Valuing Voice and Listening, Jo Tacchi (QUT), Nick Couldry (Goldsmiths) and Tanja Dreher (UTS), under consideration.

Macquarie University New Staff Grant 2010, The News Game: A Possible Framework for Evaluating Mediated Listening, Dr Justine Lloyd

UTS ECR Grant 2009, Listening Across Difference, Dr Tanja Dreher