Travelling Fellowship Scheme

This scheme is designed to develop collaborations within the CRN by allowing participants to travel to a different university in order to work with another CRN member on a specific project for a period of not more than two weeks. The implied model is that a comparatively junior member will travel in order to work with a senior colleague, however the scheme is open to all CRN Participants, although in the selection process more weighting will be given to applications from ECRs. The focus of the Fellowship is on fostering new collaborations, rather than on maintaining existing ones, and this will be taken into account in the selection process. There will be two (2) Fellowships offered in each of two rounds (March and July). The Management Committee will select the successful applications, and reserves the right to not allocate a Fellowship on any given occasion if it feels there are no suitable applications.

The CRN will cover airfares and accommodation only. The host institution will be expected to provide appropriate in-kind support, such as a dedicated workspace, networked computer, and library and other privileges not less than those usually afforded visiting scholars at that institution.

The applicant will be expected to secure in-principle support in writing from the mentor and the host institution before submitting an application to Management Committee. They will also be expected to provide details (although not firm bookings) of the required accommodation and flights, but these will be booked by the CRN Project Officer. The host should provide a written undertaking that they will make themselves available to the Fellow, and assist in whatever capacity has been agreed, within reason.

Applicants are invited to initially contact the CRN central office to discuss their proposal: John or Graeme may be able to offer advice about local conditions, or give input into the selection of an appropriate host. Following this step, the prospective fellow should contact the mentor informally to inquire about their availability and interest in the project. If the mentor is not the Head of the relevant section, the mentor should make enquires as to whether the required in-kind support will be available.

The applicant should then complete the Application form and provide the relevant additional documentation. The Applicant must provide a) written approval from their home institution (such as a standard Academic Absence or Leave Approval form); b) a letter of consent from the host institution; and c) a letter of agreement from the proposed mentor. The Application and supporting documentation should be sent to the Project Officer for distribution to Management Committee.

Selection Criteria

The application will be judged on the following criteria:


Nominations for the second 2007 round close on Friday, 17th August 2007.

The nomination form can be downloaded here.

The guidelines can be downloaded here.