Cultural Technologies

Node Convenors: Ms Larissa Hjorth and Dr Gerard Goggin

To develop a full account of the cultural literacies required today one must first have an understanding of the technologies involved. Where once we might have thought of technology as largely devoted to the advancement of industry or science, today technology is increasingly in the service of the knowledge economy and the production of culture. The role of ICT within domestic and business space, the new convergent environment for telecommunications, the generational differences in technology use within popular culture, are among the issues implicated here. The new notion of ‘creative industries’ addresses itself to (among other things) understanding this shift, and approaches developed within that paradigm will be fundamentally important to the mix of disciplinary perspectives required.

Current Projects

Creative Articulations

GLAMM (Games, Location, Art & Mobile Media)

Internet Regulation and Filtering in Australia

Internet Studies

Mobile Screens Working Group

Obsolescence: Media history, policy and aesthetics (with Media Histories Node)

Self, Place and Broadband Connectivity: Making and Making Do (with Cultural Histories and Geographies Node)