Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers Development

Node Convenors: Dr Emily Potter and Dr Clifton Evers

The professional development of postgraduate students and early career researchers is the purpose of activities aimed at complementing and enhancing existing mentoring, advisory, and support structures available to postgraduates and early career researchers. Activities include the development of student bursaries to support travel to important research centres in their field, assistance in developing short-term internships for postgraduates and ECRs in relevant industry locations, and travelling master-classes aimed at bringing high-profile researchers to the network participants.

Due to the nature of the node, the activities listed are less research projects as support activities.


Outreach Programme (ongoing)

Who do you serve? Thinking about the ethics of research practice in rural cultural research (October 2008)

Publication Workshops

The ARC Cultural Research Network Awards (Annual)

Doing Rural Cultural Studies Workshop (March 2008)

Prefix: Sustaining Cultural Research 2007

Masterclass with Professor Tony Bennett (Nov 2006)

Prefix: Professional Development Day 2005

Research Career Workshop with Professor Vera Mackie (June 2006)

Seminar with Professor Toby Miller (2006)

Travelling Masterclass with Professor Georgina Born (July, Aug 2006)

Travelling Masterclass - Prof Toby Miller